Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

When I was a kid, both my sisters had to wear glasses because of their astigmatism. The annoyingly curious kid that I was, I wanted to wear glasses too but I got a "No" from my mom so I stopped pushing the idea to their heads. Then I got older, and my sister really needed glasses so I purchased a pair and had the Optical store put the lens in, but wearing my glasses got me a little dizzy and gave me headaches and a weird vision so I stopped wearing them. Then I turned 25, noticed that I cannot read those large street signs as well as I used to to I got my eyes checked, told them what I do (which is stay in front of the computer all day) and got a "Yes, you definitely need glasses."
You would think with the technology today these UV rays from the computer would be blocked by whatever scientists can create before it gets out of our screens so it would not hurt your eyes as much anymore but then again, I was told that when you are reading or staring at something all day, your eyes are flexed too much - just imagine how your butt muscles would feel like if you had to flex it all's that kind of strain but to your eyes. I thought about it and I was like, fuck that I want my eyes to last so I took Firmoo's offer (last year) to sponsor my first glasses from and now I have a pair of glasses in my car, at work and at home. I actually already have my eye on one of their New Arrivals.

If you're looking into buying new glasses, click here to check out's First-Pair-Free program.


  1. Lovely glasses! I was like you at one point - my friends had glasses and I wanted them so I would watch TV really close but I always get pulled back. The only reason why I wear glasses today is because I did a lot of reading under poor lighting.

    1. I used to do that a lot too! But now I'm just in front of the computer WAY TOO MUCH. o_O