I could easily consider this week one of the worst weeks this year but honestly, I think it just made happier about where I am in life right now.

On Sunday, I learned that one of my ex-coworkers committed suicide. It's one of the worst text messages you could get when you're just about ready to cuddle up with your husband and just unwind, watching an NBA game. It made me realize that I am lucky to have my husband, my family and friends who were there as soon as I kind of expressed that I am not okay.

On Tuesday, I had the worst allergy attack. When Ron got home from the gym, he had dinner and headed to the pharmacy to get me allergy medicine. Although he got me the kind that made me SUPER drowsy [still kind of laughing that he sort of blamed me for not telling him to get the non-drowsy one hihihi], I loved it when he gave me a kiss on my head and told me to just go to sleep then tucked me in.
I was pretty much like this. Hahaha!
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On Thursday, I went to a place I've never been to before in La Cresenta during rush hour. I would never do that but I already did and I'm pretty proud of myself because I always make Ron drive when we're going to a place we've never been to.

Today, I did not bring the tables that we need for an office party. So after working an hour and a half, I drove home to get them. The fancy grilled cheese party was pretty fun. I was really happy to see everyone get together.

After work, I got my oil changed at Firestone and they told me that I need to get my struts and two tires replaced and gave me an estimate for $800+. In my head, I was yelling, "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME." I acted cool, drove home and stopped by Ron's mechanic's auto shop and they gave me an estimate for $560. Not bad, right? I know $500 is still a chunk of money I'd rather spend elsewhere but I NEED my car so it's a priority.
On my way home, I decided I want a large cup of tapioca milk tea but my favorite place only accepted cash. I parked my car by Tapioca Express, walked to the Dollar Store, buy something and get cash back (so I don't have to pay the ATM fees. As it turns out, the Dollar Store does not do cash backs. So I dug through everything to gather $3. Hahaha!

Now I'm home, iMessaging with my sisters and telling them about the worst thing I'm doing today... watching Maury. Even sent them a video of it. Hahahaha!

See, if these things happened in another week, I would be head over heels stressed but I'm thankful it happened during the time that I definitely know who the people in my support system are.

Have a great weekend, everyone! :)


  1. a great support system is a cure for bad times!!! keep them close!!

    now i want boba

  2. Sounds like a pretty stressful week indeed, I hope you have a better weekend and hopefully next week will be a fabulous week for you. =)

  3. Im so sorry for your loss that must have been really hard for you. I hope your allergies keep under wraps and dont give you too much grief this weekend. That baby made me smile :)

  4. I'm sorry! I'm sure next week will be better

  5. :( I hope next week is better for you hun! At least your have a sweet husband at your side...even if he does buy the wrong allergy meds :P