A New Perspective

Earlier tonight, a coworker texted me that she has really bad news. I thought it was about me or someone at work getting laid off but apparently, one of our ex-coworkers put an end to this thing we call life. I was and still am shocked about it.
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It got me thinking how horrible life can be for people who are suffering from depression. It made me cherish this life I'm having more and made me even more thankful about the people who are out there to listen to me. Like one of my friends/ex-coworkers said, if you're sad and depressed, reach out to someone...anyone. Depression is no laughing matter. This situation has brought the meaning of the quote below to a whole different level.

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Now it's almost 1am as I'm typing this and all I can think about is my ex-coworker and the people that are now left to deal with this tragic situation. I already made myself a cup of sleepytime tea with the hopes of it working despite how fast my brain is running right now.

From now on, I promise to not be too quick to judge. #heartbroken


  1. I hope people see depression as something to be addressed by everyone. :)

  2. Jan.. :(
    Be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle nga daw.. :(

  3. This news truly saddened me. I pray people who are sad and depressed get to think and realize that they are not the only ones, that there are people who are into worse situation than them, and not to stop being grateful for each day, no matter how messed up it got. God bless her soul.

  4. Oh my gosh, I am so sorry to hear about this. I suffer from bad anxiety and have never dealt with depression but sometimes some people need more help than others to cope with the difficulties of life. I pray that your ex coworkers family finds peace through this extremely difficult time.

    Xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  5. oh my... that's a really hard situation to deal with esp if you work closely with that person :( prayin for the family. aw so sad :(

  6. Depression is seriously so awful. It can happen to anyone, even the people who always seem so happy. That's why suicide it's usually a shock to their loved ones. I'm so sorry.

  7. I am so sorry to hear that. Depression is a terrible thing. Some people don't understand how it can effect someone, and I think mental health needs to be taken more seriously. My thoughts and love go out to his family. xo

  8. :( I'm really sorry. I also recently dealt with a suicide so I know how you feel--so shocked and sad. Here's a virtual hug for you <3