Things to Smile About

I think I have had enough reflective drives, quiet time, and pause-to-pray moments in the last 48 hours that it's time to cheer up and just be positive and happy so I'm just going to give a quick list of things that made me smile recently.

We tried a new Pho Place. It was a win! #NewFavorite
The same night I found out about my ex coworker, I could not sleep (as evident in my 1:30am blog post) so I [softly] told Ron that I'm going to the kitchen to make sleepytime tea. He responded, mumbling, "Okay, I love you."

Ron and I are going to San Diego this coming weekend for the Del Mar California Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge Race. No, I did not and do not plan to enter the race but my very physically fit husband registered so now we're driving down there to, stay the night then come back to Los Angeles for Mothers' Day. Next time he tells me he wants to go to a race, I would definitely check for any holidays we celebrate around that day. I already have stuff I want to do during my 24-hour stay there but the thing is, I do not think we have time to do much at all so the only definite thing on my list is to eat at this one Filipino Restaurant that serves Filipino street food. I'm getting excited! :)