Birthday Wishlist 2013

I am not one who wants super expensive things on my birthday. At least not anymore. Like I told Ron, I've been wanting a pet for so long so having Fox was already like an early birthday present. I'd honestly rather do my favorite thing, sleep in, make breakfast, sit on the couch all day while folding clean clothes and laughing at Fox's face while he tilts his head trying to understand what I'm doing and usually telling him. But then again, presents are like the little bonuses in life. It's like that second cup of coffee that gives you another boost and makes your day better. LOL So this is it, my wishlist...

Surprised I did not include any dresses and purses? Yeah, me too. ;) I guess I just get a lot of those things throughout the year so I don't really wish for them anymore. Haha!


  1. Great birthday wishlist. That mixer (in pink) has been on my wishlist for a long time.

    Tracy @

  2. uh yes on the mixer. girl, get the pro 600. you'll thank me later ;)
    and yes on the bike. i want that bike. i want A bike. hahaha