I Have Food on My Mind...All the Time

My health conscious coworker is not in the office last Monday so I thought it's a good idea to sneak a donut and cup of iced coffee in my diet. And that is after I had a full lunch meal from the vegan place next door. I'm really feeling this birthday blues thing so I'm trying to make myself feel better with good (but ironically bad) food.

In other news, we went to the 626 Night Market last weekend but  I did not get to take a lot of photos and the two booths I went for, Beatnixx and Banzai Jerky, I was not able to visit. So I'm going to head back to the night market again next week so I can go shop at their booths! Here are a few snaps I took. :)

Takoyaki, anybody?
They did not have Calamari but the short rib tacos were still really good!
While waiting for our orders at Tastea! More pictures here and here form their photo booth.

So yeah, I love food ;)


  1. I love Takoyaki! Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any place here in Miami that makes them. I'll just have to wait to go back to Japan to have them again :(

  2. mmm what is 626 night market and WHY DO I NOT KNOW ABOUT IT?!?!?!

    mmmm donut.