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Eyeglasses c/o Firmoo

Obviously, this picture was taken months ago when my hair was way longer.

Summer is officially here you guys and I must say, the extra sunshine is nice but it messes up my body clock and brain quite a bit. I've almost gotten up at 5am in the morning thinking I was already late because my alarm did not go off. I'm a huge morning person and I, for the most part, do not bother waking up early as long as I know that I'm going to get stuff done before I take my afternoon nap. We're going to Fox's first vet appointment (with us) and I'm hoping everything is well. He's such a great dog and I cannot imagine how living without him is anymore.

I'm hoping Ron has other plans for us so we can make use of our Saturday afternoon. I got tickets to AMC on my birthday so maybe we can watch This is the End? I've heard great things about it! Do you guys have any suggestions?

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  1. Those almost look like the pair of glasses I ordered from Firmoo! But...they haven't gotten here yet. How long did yours take to get to you? They look great on you though! :)

    I've also heard great things about This is the End and Jason wants to see it, but we haven't done that yet!