Shopping Habits

Lately, I realized that my interests have shifted, my priorities have changed and I've learned to point out my needs and my wants.
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I receive all these emails from Groupon and, J. Crew and Kate Spade, on a weekly/daily basis. But you know what, I delete pretty much every single one of them, even before I get out of bed in the morning. Then I get to work and I delete more shopping-related emails. They're not necessarily junk to me but I do NOT need them. I do not need all the products featured in their deals and I am happy with what I'm working with right now.

I used to love the more expensive stuff, you know the designer brands. But after some time, I realized that they're impractical. Those bags are heavier than what I actually want to put in them and would probably make my scoliosis worse. Those shoes are stiffer than bankers boxes (the good kind) and can give me blisters right when I try them on. The clothes are dry clean only and knowing myself, I would only wear it once and wait 3 months to take it to the cleaners because I have other clothes that I can wash and wear anytime.

I've also learned to not buy something because it's inexpensive or trendy. Inexpensive usually means that the quality is not as good but it can also mean that you got a pretty good deal. Mint pants for $80 that I will wear thrice in a month vs $30 mint pants from Wetseal's sale rack down to $15 (+20% off)? You probably already know which one I bought. And just FYI, they fit pretty much the same.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE shopping, especially bargain shopping and I'm so happy my husband is too. We enjoy finding good deals together. When something is over $25, I start thinking twice about buying it and ask myself how often I will be wearing that piece of clothing. Honestly, my husband enjoys buying the more expensive stuff for me. He's very generous like that and probably because he knows that I wouldn't bother buying it for myself. ;)

So, how much have you been shopping lately? ;)


  1. Hi Jan! I'm Ginny a new follower! I really liked your post because I can REALLY relate to it. I just got back from the mall. Had to get some wrapping paper and boxes at a giftshop store.

    So, no clothes shopping for me. Didn't even set foot in a clothing store. My priorities are shifting too.

    It is definitely easier the older you get because you just don't care AS much about what other people think. You are more worried about feeding your family and pets vs wearing the newest and cutest jessica simpson dress.

    It's good just to have some great QUALITY pieces that you LOVE vs just going out and buying things for the sake of buying something. Practicality is SO important to me too. Especially bags. I have a small coach bag that is RAGGEDY as heck and 4 years old, but I LOVE IT. Who cares?

    Also, I used to get high heels from Aldo and I have two that I have never worn. They are HUGE, clunky, and absolutely uncomfy. Now I like getting really cute flats with some type of sparkle that will look good with almost everything. That is more practical for me especially in the summer.


  2. I'm totally with you! I can't afford to shop til I drop like I used to, but now I think twice when I buy something. And I make sure it's of quality because it's not worth it to buy a bunch of cheap trendy stuff!

  3. I'm really practical with shopping too. I don't buy anything name brands and I always buy things on sake.

  4. Great post!! I'm like you - shopping is fun by hunting for a bargain.


  5. I shifted my shopping habits a while back. Looking back, I wish I did it earlier but it's so much more satisfying to go shopping WITHOUT breaking the bank! Every once in a while I do indulge in a shopping spree but for casual shopping trips, I look for bargains first.