Thankful for Yesterday and Today and Probably Tomorrow

Yesterday was a good mail day because I received my package from Misikko! Woohoo! I finally have a normal sized hair straightener. I have not used the flat iron yet but I probably will soon. My hair has just been flying away because it hits my shoulders so it just won't curl in like I want to, so when Brian from Misikko offered to send me their product for review, I of course said yes!

After a long drive home, I caught Ron and Fox on their way back from their walk. Ron let Fox in my car while he was on an important phone call. After I parked the car, instead of walking to the house, we walked back out and joined Ron and sat on a tree root and played with Fox.

Blazer: Styles for Less. Pants: H&M.

A few minutes after, our neighbor, parked her car to get her mail and offered to take our picture. Fox was too busy chewing on the piece of wood he found under the tree. ;)


  1. foxaaaay. oh what does RonMan do?

  2. What a cool little package bet you cant wait to use it :) Happy Friday to you x

  3. Can't wait for the review, all the products look great! Fox is adorable x

  4. What a sweet photo of you guys!! Love it!!

  5. my dog's name is foxy brown, but i call her fox, too! what a cutie!
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