Birthday Blues

This happens every year, every time turning a year older becomes official. I know I should be thankful. I know I should be happy but I haven't really been all that cheery whenever I think of stuff I was supposed to do during that one specific year. To battle my blues away, I decided to recall my favorite moments from my 25th year. Things that make me smile, moments that I wish never ended.

When Ron and I moved in together. All the furniture shopping fun, the stress of moving and we shall never forget, having to get out of the place for 2 weeks before we can move back in again.

When I realized who I should be trusting. You'd think you can trust people you know all your life, right? Well, as life turns out, that is not the case. Despite that, I am still thankful that I know who my true friends are. Whose random calls I'll be picking up and whose texts I should be answering. After all, they're the ones who listened even if all I wanted to do was give my middle finger to the people who broke my trust. Dun dun dun!

When Ron proposed. I mean, come on. At my favorite place, at the perfect time.

When Ron and I got married.

When Ron and I got Fox. If you have not heard yet, Ron and I adopted a dog in May!

When my mom and I spent a lot of time together that one weekend when Ron went out of town.

When I realized waking up to over 10 messages from my sisters really makes my day brighter.

When after 4+ years of working for the same company, one of my coworkers and I finally became friends. Like you know, walking on breaks, buying lunch together, hiking, etc.

When I lost all the weight I gained in the past 2 years. Good-bye 15 lbs. I WIN.

As for my wish list…you'll see that tomorrow. ;)


  1. lovely list of positive things sounds like an amazing year

    C&L xx

  2. definitely some great highlights here! look forward to that wish list!
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  3. ah this is great!!!! lookin back on the great year you had :)