Bad to the Bone Pooper

I'm linking up with Miki of Becoming What Always Was today for #BadtotheBone where everyone's sharing their furkid's naughty moments. We've been very, very lucky with Fox when we adopted him. This two-year-old Papillon mix was already house trained and also knew basic commands so we did not have a tough time with him...but he has his moments so today, I'll talk about the worst thing he's done so far.

Ron and I both got a long 4-day weekend for the 4th of July weekend. This also meant our routine changed, so did Fox's. On Saturday night of that weekend, we went to the 626 Night Market and was not able to walk Fox until 10pm when we got home. Sunday night, I walked Fox at his normal walk time, around 7:30pm. We walked for about an hour but he did not poop AT ALL. I went back inside and Ron said he should be fine until the next morning. When the lights were off and we were about to sleep, it smelled poopy in our room but thinking our dog is super good at holding it in, I thought he just farted again because he loves to do that shit. LOL! Boy I was so wrong!

When I got home on Monday, (yes guys, the next day!) I walked by a part of our bedroom and smelled something. I looked for the source of the stink and at the corner of our room, there was poop. When I found it and yelled "OH MY GOD," Fox looked so guilty, to the point that looking at him made me laugh. I quickly grabbed a bag and picked up the poop. Thank God it was the dry kind! Hahaha!

Tuesday morning, he didn't go number 2 again on our morning walk. I was already frustrated because I don't want him to have another accident because our routine changed. I got home that afternoon, played with the little guy and when I was making dinner, he wasn't hovering like he always does or sleeping on the dining room rug. I called for him and he ran down to the landing of our staircase. I walked up to the guest room and heard him cry a little as if asking me not to go upstairs. When I got to the room, there was another poop. I did my typical OMG to express my frustration, called Ron to tell him Fox probably did it while Ron's preparing for work that morning and talked to the guilty dog but man he was so cute, I just ended up laughing when I turned my back.

So there's my naughty story about Fox. Not exactly his fault but he used to pull on his leash that's hanging by the door when he needs to go but I guess he just couldn't control it anymore. LOL! Don't worry, we're back to our normal routine now! ;)


  1. ha ha ha! Fox is too cute. That same things happened to me 3 days ago! I thought one of the dogs had farted and over the next hour it got stronger and worse. It was so gross, so I walk out of the bedroom and a huge poop was on the kitchen floor. Indiana is so naughty! Seriously. Thank you for linking up! I love these stories :)

  2. Hahaha, he is too adorable, how could you ever be mad with a cute face like that. Poor guy, he must have been so confused with the whole routine change. I'm trying to think of the naughtiest thing my cat did then I remembered the time he brought a live chicken all the way from across the road, through a high window, up the staircase and into my bedroom at 6 in the morning! Then the two of them decided to play tag around my curtains. I didn't know whether to laugh or scream, lol.

  3. at least he didn't eat it!!! Chimmy at one point ate his poop. i was soooooo frustrated. thank goodness he got out of it!!!