I'm Now Married But...

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One to Nothin

So over 5 years ago, a close friend invited me, my sister and another friend to go to his hotel so we can hangout. We haven't seen each other for many months because he's in the USAF and he's not in LA often. We headed to his hotel thinking it was only going to be us and a couple of people he works with.

Less than an hour after we got to his hotel, we heard a knock. When he opened the door, a bunch of guys walked in. There was a long-haired guy, a guy I never saw after that party, a guy in a black shirt, a really quiet guy who didn't like beer and a guy in a jersey (SERIOUSLY, WHO GOES TO A PARTY IN A JERSEY?).

Being one of the only two straight girls in the room, I was so thankful I got some "training" in college with my guy friends on being the only girl in the room. Plus, I was already buzzed enough to mingle when they got there. I don't think I flirted with anyone. Okay, I think I did…with a couple of them. All was good but the guy in a jersey bothered me so much that I had to ask why he's wearing a jersey. He said he thought it was only going to be them – I guess he assumed it was going to be a sausage fest? Still, nobody should be wearing a jersey to a party. When we got home, my sister and I were convinced that jersey guy is gay and he wore the jersey to make it seem like he's straight. I'm sorry for being judgmental. [MOM, PLEASE STOP READING NOW!] A few months after, that guy and I hooked up and that made me stop wondering if he was gay. We had a dangerous type of friendship, the one where there are benefits. #ModelChildNoMore

Five years later, the long-haired guy is now my best friend, I heard the guy I never saw after the party now has a kid or is getting married, the guy in a black shirt is married and Ron is his best man, the really quiet guy is one of my favorite people in the world and he now drinks beer and the guy in a jersey? He is now my husband…and we both wear jerseys now. LOL

PS, I wasn't the one who gave in to the telling the other how he feels situation. Just so you all know. :p


  1. Cute story. I can definitely relate to the off first impressions. Oh and I also agree on the guys wearing jerseys.

  2. haha that's too funny! What a sweet story. Thanks for linking up!! xo

  3. What a great story!! You both look so cute in your jerseys!