A Great Mail Day

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Late last month, Lauren from CardStore.com reached out to me to offer let me try their service for free. I get to send a card to the person my choice. And who is this person you ask? Of course, Ron is.

I thought of a good special day to give Ron a card and came up with the most random one, our 7th month as husband and wife. [Of course I'll think of that.] The card came in the mail a day early but it's okay, it still made Ron all happy inside anyway... just look at how the envelope looked like when he opened it. LOL

I personalized the card I picked and used one of our oldest pictures together. I picked our photobooth pictures because they have such a great story behind them. We weren't together at the time because we had broken up and we told our friends we're just going to look at something together. We ended up walking in a photo booth and having a really fun 10 minute moment with each other. A week after that, Ron came crawling back to me. LOL Just kidding, he wasn't crawling, he just pretended to want to know how to use Adobe Photoshop then admitted he wanted us to be together. Smooth move, no not really.

I also added a picture inside of him kissing me at the Urban Lights exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art that was taken seconds before he got down on one knee. Now THAT is a smooth move! ;)

I really love the ease of use of CardStore.com. Would I order a card from them in the future? Definitely, it's not only inexpensive, it's also very convenient as I know a lot of people who live far from me. They also have a library of fun fonts that you can choose from. I love handwritten fonts so I chose to stick with "LoveBirds" for all the text in my card. I can't wait order a card form them again! :)

Oh and what did I get for our 7th month, you ask? This cute little yellow flower that Ron picked on his way in from the mail. #SoSweet

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  1. love the photos you chose! i still prefer snail mail over a text or email, so this is a nice service.