Tags and Plastic Screws are Yummy

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Took the dog to the SCVVC mobile clinic yesterday to get his shots. He was so good with the needle poking. He also didn't see what it was (thanks for being strong, Ron!) so there was no trauma. He was not bad with the dogs, only with big one and he only barks when one of the dogs were barking. LOL Fox talks waaaay too much! Oh and you know what getting shots mean? We can take him to the doggy day care!!! Look at us in line yesterday...

Anyway, this post is actually dedicated to Fox because I'm linking up with Miki for Bad to the Bone today! So...Fox finds these littlest things that he can chew on like on Saturday, I knew he was playing with his new toy while we were relaxing in bed. The next thing I know, he already pulled the tag out and is chewing on it. Fortunately, he didn't whine when I pulled the tag out of his mouth (like he always does when I take something away from him). He just watched me throw it away.

An hour after that, while I was on my computer, I noticed that he is being too quiet. When I looked at him, he was holding that little screw thing between his paws and chewing on it. I sometimes think he is younger than 2 because of his chewing but then again they said he should be over 2 based on his teeth. He looks semi-cute when he's happily chewing on something but it's so dangerous for him! He also found my missing pearl earring on Monday. Thank God it was the big one that he cannot just swallow!


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