That Day When We Did Not Have AC in the Office

Yesterday was so awful in the office. When we got in, the AC was not working. It was so, so awful. Heat is something I know would complain about non-stop until it cools down. When I heard my boss talk to someone on the phone and say, "Hi, this is [the boss] from [company name] at Loft 503. Our  AC is not working again. Can you send someone as soon as possible to get it fixed?" I almost panicked and instantly wished I pretended I was sick and stayed at home. Pit stains, sweaty head, stuffiness, I was thinking of it all.

I was waiting for one of the higher ups to tell us to go home and work from home but there was nobody. The afternoon unfolded and the temperature increased from 80 to 85. Still no "go home" from the bosses...he was in the same boat as us though. We heard him yelling at someone on the phone.

I was all super friends all day with a manila folder. Fun times. Today is a different day though. When I stepped in, it was freezing cold bliss. I miss winter. :)


  1. Our AC was out at the house, and it was miserable. This SC heat is NO JOKE! It took our property manager 2 days to get it fixed!

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  3. A whole day at work without a working AC? That’s awful! No wonder you wished you stayed home. Do you know why that AC keeps breaking? It’s probably the lack of cleaning and maintenance. That, or it was too overused because of the hot weather. Hope you guys don't have those kinds of problems anymore!

    Kim Laird @ Laird & Son