3 Things I'm Obsessing Over Right Now

The Spark Recipes App 
I love love love this app. I have everything in their every recipe in our kitchen so all the recipes I'm interested in making are doable right when I get home! Oh and they have the Favorite this feature so you can just go back to your own recipe list. The app also shows the calories per serving, ratings and videos for some of the recipes. I've tried their General Tsao's and Mongolian Beef recipe and I was so glad I did. Both recipes were so easy to make...just make sure you have the right cut of meat ;)

The 30-Day Shred
I've been wanting to do this and I finally found the perfect time to do it. We're going to go camping on Labor Day weekend and our friends said the site is close to the beach...we all know what this means - you have to be in your bikini! So yes, I'm transitioning again to a cleaner, healthier, calorie-counting, portion-controlling, everyday-exercising lifestyle. Ron's back in the gym too so it's working out fine. Hopefully, I can get back on track with my Let's Get Physical posts.

via Serious Eats
I love mangoes. My sister brought a box of mangoes on the 4th of July and forgot to take her share home so I've been eating it...a lot of it. I eat one every lunch and dinner. Mangoes are the best.

What have you been obsessing on lately?


  1. Hi Jan, so great to hear from you :) Hope you're well. I have to get this app, sounds terrific. I wish mangoes were in season here.Thanks so much for your kind thoughts on my last post :)

  2. Oh goodness, I love mangos too! We eat them as "dessert" after dinner everyyyyy day. SO yummy! :)

  3. if i have to choose the only thing i have to eat for the rest of my life, it would be mango. ALL DAY ERR DAY.
    and i need to get on this 30day shred. Like for reals. it's a goal for this year. gr. hahaha