A Family Affair

Since I moved out, my mom, sister and I always make it a point to see each other on long weekends and holidays. Last 4th of July was one of those days so they came over to have lunch and watch movies at our house. I saw that Ron's best friend's girlfriend flew to her hometown on Facebook so Ron and I invited him over too. He's pretty much Ron's brother so he was like family to us.

Here are some pictures from this day, last week...

So this was us. The picture HAD to be cut because you know, we were not very decent with the skirts of our dresses. Hahaha!
White, red and blue...okay and tan.
Our mandatory picture together. We're missing my other sister.
Ron and I didn't prepare anything special but that's what's good with having family over. Nobody cares what is served as long as everyone's getting along well, everyone is happy, and there's something to eat for everyone. We are not picky eaters so we were all good.

After lunch, we watched the Identity Thief DVD that I rented from Redbox on my quick run to the store earlier that day. The movie was so fun. It has its typical annoying but still funny scenes but the writer of that movie is pretty good. There were jokes throughout the movie and that kept everyone entertained.

The second movie we watched was my sister's idea, Paranormal Activity 3. I am not a fan of horror flicks (except for those Thai and Japanese ones) so when my sister brought this up, I had to move farther from the TV. LOL Because of the movie (or maybe not as he claims), our friend didn't go home to his empty house that night. Haha!

After they left, we headed to our other friend's 4th of July party and hung out for a good hour or two.

Last Thursday was such a fun day. I miss it already! What did you do this day last week?


  1. Ohh so fun! Im jealous. And you look cute, love your top :)

  2. our family tries to get together on holidays, too. we used to have sunday dinners, until everyone got too busy! love the red, white, blue, and tan!

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