Emergency Shopping

Last year, an old friend of mine proposed to his girlfriend. Ron and I went to his engagement party and I'm well aware that the wedding is in July. I kept the idea of finding a dress appropriate for a wedding in my mind ever since. However, I chose to procrastinate and wait last minute to buy my dress. Ron bought his new suit for this thing MONTHS ago.

If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you should already know that I'm a bargain shopper...so guess where I went first? Yep, Marshalls. For some reason, knowing that they allow dogs in their stores made me like them more. I visited a couple of Marshalls, one by our house and one close to my office. I only got to try two things at the one by our house because I was only there because I forgot my house keys and Ron was going to drop his keys off to me on his way to the gym.

For the wedding, I wanted to wear something formal but still fun. Something that does not show too much skin and is [super] comfortable. Also, no tight fitting parts so I can eat as much I want ;) My good friend, Laen's mommy, was a huge help in my search for the perfect dress, I just kept on sending her pictures. There was a dress I really wanted that she consulted with our other friend that they didn't like but my mom and sister liked. The deciding factor was Ron.: he X-ed it. The second piece is the striped dress that I tried on because I just really wanted to see how it fits.
This got X-ed.
I didn't really need this. LOL

At this point, the wedding is in 6 days and I still don't have a dress. My brain is now in panic mode so...

During my lunch break on Wednesday, I drove to the Marshalls in Studio City and looked for Size 6 dresses, I got 8 dresses for my first trip to the fitting room. Tried all of them on and they were all too big. I was happy and sad at the same time. Well, there was also this Calvin Klein dress that made me look like a bright blue cloud. That made me happy.

I went back to look for Size 4s and smalls but there were very little choices. Another dress I tried was this navy maxi that made the part where my hips and thighs meet look very weird. I took a picture to document the weirdness. LOL Oh and also this dress that is very similar to the dress I wore at Laen's baptism.

Crisis has been averted after trying on the next 8 dresses. I found the perfect one in my size that will go with any of the pumps I have at home and my favorite sequin-y clutch. I'll share the dress I picked when I post pictures from Sunday! All I need now is to go to Macy's and buy something from their registry. After that, I can be officially excited ;)

Have a great weekend, everyone! Our weekend is going to be a busy one plus, the in-laws are staying over this weekend so good luck to us ;)

Do you guys have any fun plans? :)


  1. oh this is new to me about dogs in Marshalls. SCORE.
    We usually bring Chimmy to Nordy Racks. He usually just chills in the cart haha

  2. I really like the colours in the first dress! xxx

    I left my heart in Miami

  3. Love the stripes and cobalt blue dress ... a girl can never have enough dresses :)