A Sale Rack Gem

I found this dress at the sale rack at H&M. I know Ron wouldn't approve of it so before he could say anything else, I told him it's comfy and inexpensive so I bought it. I also tried it on with the white blazer I got and I loved how it looked. As you may have already figured out, this has easily become my most favorite dress to wear. It's always my first choice to wear on the weekend but when I realized I'm going to be having pictures where I wear the same thing, I put it back in my closet. Haha! I guess a "one dress, five ways" should be on the way.

There's not really very interesting things happening around here. One of my teeth is going to be extracted tomorrow...that should be fun. Just kidding, I'm a little anxious but hopefully everything turns out okay. Oh and because of the extraction, I'm going to need to skip Ron's best friend's birthday dinner at an all you can eat Brazilian restaurant. That could have been good.

Fox is graduating from Beginner Obedience School on Sunday and I got him a bow tie. Hopefully, it gets delivered on time. If not, he will be using his daddy's bowtie. Haha!

So how's your week going? :)


  1. This is totally an outfit i would wear , super like ,

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  2. It is a great find! I think we all have that outfit we are always photographed in. You are looking good my friend.

    Much Love,
    Amy K

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  3. awww yay for Fox graduating. I had a hard time having chimmy wear the graduation hat. but he let me put on the tie around his neck.

  4. Don't mind, but it looked to me at first that you're wearing a raincoat... :) Never mind, I just loved the outfit. I wonder why not it is so expensive because it looks so.

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