Our Little Graduate

After 5 weeks of classes, 5-10 minutes a day training, bags and bags of treats, sitting to be able to enter every doorway, being the only dog in class to "shake," Fox has graduated beginner's class!

When we adopted him, a lot of people told us that his breed (Papillon) is one of the brightest and smartest and that was definitely evident in the months we've had him. He picked up on all the commands that were taught in class easily. We even slipped in the "crawl" and "high five" tricks in our training at home.

Oh and on Saturday, we got him his advanced graduation presents during our very little shopping trip to Unleashed and Bed Bath and Beyond. Well, to be honest with you, he's very confused about the one we got from Bed Bath and Beyond just watch the video below! ;)

I hope this video brings a smile to your day! :D


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. I am just tickled pink and I think I'm obsessed with your dog now. Absolutely adorable!! New follower! :)

  2. Cute! I saw a compilation video on YT about a week ago with dogs trying to walk in shoes.

  3. omg hahahahahaha... that is soooo funnyyyyy... Chimmy can't do it. He will bite me first. haha

  4. Awww Jan, he is the cutest thing, such a great fun vid!Thank you for your visit sweetie, have a great Tuesday!