Thank You, Foot Locker and UPS

A few weeks ago, some limited edition shoes were released and Ron was lucky to got hold of a pair from Footlocker. We were so excited to get them and even made Craigslist ads to sell them...I have a feeling my husband wants to drag me into this sneakerhead game. We're that couple, we love doing things together. Except for when I'm cooking or baking, he needs to get out of the kitchen and no, I will not go mountain biking with him.

We were thrilled that we were able to score multiple pairs of the Air Jordan 3 Retros because I won a raffle at Foot Action and he bought other pairs online at Foot Locker and Foot Action! Woooo!

The delivery date of the one we ordered form Foot Locker came and UPS said the item has been delivered and was left at the townhouse's side door. That door is hidden from the street so Ron wasn't worried that it will get stolen. Hence, him not telling me to check the package.

That same delivery day night, Ron walked in the door with the mail and an opened, empty box. OPENED. EMPTY. I saw Ron was disappointed and I tried hard to hide my disappointment because I didn't want to fill the house with upset vibes. Of course, we tag teamed and I called Footlocker while he spoke with someone from UPS.

Less than a week later, the case was settled and Ron is going to get his money back. Yaaaay!

So thank you, Foot Locker and UPS. We will make sure to keep doing our business with you.


  1. This is very discouraging but I'm glad he's getting his money back. Great post.
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  2. Wow, how discouraging! But I'm so glad they are going to do right by you and reimburse you!

  3. Oh my, that's terrible!!! Glad to know that everything worked out. :D


  4. That's so great that they were so good about it and absolutely awful that someone stole them right off your doorstep!!! :O X