Funny Friday: Dogs in Boots

Ron has been watching funny dog videos before he goes to sleep and he got me kind of hooked on watching the videos with him. My favorite one is of this one dog who wore his boots for the first time and could not walk straight. I searched for more videos of them wearing boots and here are the most hilarious ones I found...

Oh and here's a compilation that I found.

These poor cuties! Honestly though, I kind of want to get Fox booties to see how he will do. LOL Anyway, this is me today...
via Awwww Pets
Have a wonderful weekend! :)


  1. Oh my gosh, these videos had me laughing so hard!! I have got to show them to Martin... we once put Scout in boots so he wouldn't get frost bite, and watching him walk around was the funniest thing ever!! Happy Friday, sweet girl!

    By The Shore

  2. Awww sooo adorable!!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing these adorably cute videos!!