So You Like Snail Mail?

via Quill and Fox
I do not know anyone who doesn't like snail mail.  I find them romantic and really sweet even if you're sending it to someone whom you have a platonic relationship with. I mean with options like the ones in the picture above, who wouldn't want to send something in the mail? But there are things we need to watch out for when sending snail mail and here's a story I'd like to share...

My good coworker B dropped my mail for me last Friday because I left the office and forgot to drop it in the outgoing mail box. That envelope had two checks in it, out rent and our pet deposit so imagine how important it was that it gets sent with no hiccups.

B did not know that our building had an outgoing mailbox so he kindly walked to the closest USPS box to drop it in there. When he opened the blue box, he noticed something sticky around the handle but he shrugged off the yucky feeling in his fingeres and dropped the envelope in there. He felt something sketchy was going on so he double checked if the envelope made its way to the inside of the box...and what do you know?! Something sketchy was actually going on! He saw that the inside of the box cover was covered in glue probably to try to have as much envelopes stick on there so people can maybe steal identities and/or just steal people's mail. He was so glad he checked and flicked my mail into the bin. Fortunately, my land lady received the mail and has deposited the checks.

It's unfortunate that people do things like this in desperation. But I'm not writing this and sharing this in my blog to bash those people although I don't condone this act. I shared this to warn people about this scam. It is new to me and might be new to you too so its good that we all know what were getting into when you use the blue USPS dropboxes to send out mail.


  1. omg!!! that is absolutely terrible! crazy people!

  2. Seriously?! That is awful! What a good coworker though to actually double check and make sure that it went in! I have never even heard of people doing such a ridiculous! Glad I know though.

  3. That is crazy what is this world coming to.
    I love to get letters in the mail but its far and few between nowadays. Sadly mostly only bills seem to want to write to me :(

  4. crazy!!!!


    p.s. on going giveaways on my blog! :)