Great Eats at the 626 Night Market

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When people say the early bird catches the worm, believe them. I just saw a bird this morning (that I let Fox chase) with a worm in its beak. It was around 7am. *Mind: blown* LOL

No but really, when Yelp reviews tell you to get somewhere early, these people mean it. We [again] went to the 626 Night Market [early] and were able to try everything we wanted to eat. We went with my mom and our friends and their 4 kids this time. We were a little late because Ron got lost somewhere (he picked up my mom at the wrong exit, it is hilarious and annoying at the same time. Don't tell him I told you!) but we were there just in time to not have to fall in line too long. Or maybe I just did not notice the wait time because our friends' kids were very entertaining.

My mom isn't a big fan of eating out so I made sure I had enough money to get her anything she craved for. Ron prepared too and bought stuff that he wanted mom to try. There's one thing we tried for the first time that I didn't include below because I didn't get to take a picture of it and it had WAY TOO MUCH Chinese five spice which gave it a bitter aftertaste.

Fried Steamed Buns
Nope, these are not your usual steamed buns that are fried. You can actually see what it's made of. It has vegetables in it and whatever spice they used gave it a unique flavor. It also does not have too much bread. Here, I took a little bite on one of them so you can see the inside.

Fresh Watermelon Shake
It IS made of fresh watermelon that was put in a blender. This is as fresh as a watermelon shake could get.

Vikon Chicken Gizzard and Heart
We tried this before but mom hasn't eaten it in a while and she loved them! She made me try the heart and I liked it too. Apparently, the earlier you get there, the better the food is cooked because they're not in a rush in filling orders.

This next one might gross you out but you can't smell it so you should be fine...

Stinky Tofu
I asked my mom if she wanted to try Stinky Tofu. She said yes because she has a thing right now for tofu and I think she thought I said "sticky tofu." I was telling my mom that I heard it's good and doesn't smell like the stink we were smelling while we were waiting for it…then she realized, that we were waiting for stinky food. LOL She told me she thought someone had halitosis. Hahaha! The tofu was deep-fried and was drizzled with teriyaki sauce (I think) and came with vegetables that tasted like atchara (fermented green papaya in raw coconut water vinegar). We loved the combination. 

Sugar Cane Drink
I was not in love with this but Ron used to have it when he was a kid and he loved it. I mean...

Sweet Buns
My mom and I were obsessed with this at some point in our life when we were still based in Manila. We'd often get these from a kiosk at the mall and then hang out at a coffee place and eat it with out frappuccinos. Yes, I used to hang out with my mom since I was a kid and I loved it because my mom is the coolest mom in the world. Anyway, the sweet buns came in two flavors, sweet cream, it tasted like custard filling and red bean, if you have not had red bean before there's a chance you might not like this one.

The 626 Night Market will have its last event on the weekend of August 31st. Too bad we'll be camping that weekend but to all my LA friends, you should give it a try!

What good eats have you had lately?

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  1. I so want to go to the Night Market. Next year I'll have to plan a vacation around it. lol