Happy Sisters' Day!

One of the things that always make me feel lucky and blessed is having my sisters. They know me way better than other people. They give the best advice. Distance does not affect our relationship. The best part is that they're not just my sisters, they're also my bestest friends. Aside from all of that, they are the most accepting and two of the silliest people I know.

So Ate Ria and Ate Jef, thanks for everything. You both mean so much to me more than you'll ever know. Ate Ria, sorry for punching your head for destroying my LEGO creation, that taught me that my punch is weak since you didn't even react (and I mean AT ALL) after I punched you. Ate Jef, you still owe me from telling mom you don't smoke after she saw the brown things from your cigarettes in your uniform's pocket. Hahahahaha! Man, where would I be without you two!?