Getting in Touch, Crappy and Creepy


So so so, today started out crappy. On our morning walk, it was either Fox was unbelievably naughty or I was insanely impatient. The result of all the morning craziness was that I didn't bring him to work today. No, I don't want to watch a naughty dog in the office. Second round of being pissed was when I found out I was left out of the loop on something I should know about. I found it highly annoying. The day has gotten better though. The pooch is quiet and is tired from playing fetch. 

I have been very much in touch with my sister and her kids and my friends and that makes me REALLY happy. Knowing people all over the world is awesome especially when you just need to vomit your thoughts through texts or share your silliness. My nephew and niece called me through Facetime the other night to talk and well, bug Fox. I showed them tricks that Fox can do and wanted me to take him with me when we go on a vacation to the Philippines...good luck with that. Before I close this paragraph, I would like to thank Facetime, iMessage and Viber :)

Creepy. What's up with all at the creepy articles (here and here and here) that I have been seeing floating around in the interwebs? These things made me remember the creepy things that happened to me back when I was a teen and was able to feel these "energies" as a friend would call it.
via Buzzfeed

To contribute, here's one of my stories...
When it's time to wake up, it's time to wake up:
One early morning, I HAD to get up to accompany my visiting from the US aunt around Manila but I was too lazy wake up. When my aunt was about to be done preparing for our trip, a finger swiped up the bottom of my foot like how my just-passed-away grandpa used to wake us up. Oh and did I mention that I was sleeping on his side of the bed in his and my (alive) grandma's bedroom? Hahahaha! It wasn't funny then.


  1. I think I'll skip clicking the creepy article links for now :D but I know what you mean--I've probably seen these or similar ones floating around. They freak me out!

  2. I wish I hadn't just read through those articles... I will never get to sleep tonight. I'm already a bit creeped out by my house and its "energies' as it is. :\ Freaky!