Morning Blues


This picture has no bearing on the post. I just wanted to share how yummy looking my breakfast was. I love berries.

As you might have already known, I've been feeling a little poopy lately. Not physically though, mentally. I have not worked out this week at all because I'm feeling stressed and all I want to do is relax on the couch or go somewhere and amuse myself. It's 9am and all I want to do is go home and do my laundry. I find myself weird sometimes. And with all that said, I'll leave you one of the best things I've read this week...

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How are you doing?


  1. your breakfast definitely looks yummie! & I love the quote.. You´ll be fine!♥ :D

  2. What a sweet little post! I took a blogging break and decided to come back around and forgot about some ppl I had been following :) loving your blog!

  3. Hope you start feeling up a little bit!


  4. Aw. Hope you start to feel better. I too have been feeling dead tired and a couch + mellow times sounds perfect!! As for Orange Is The New Black. Oh my gosh, just finished season one and need more!! Ah, it ended with such a big cliff hanger. Hehe! Happy Friday, sweet girl! xo

    By The Shore

  5. First off, those raspberries look a-MAZING! And second, I have completely been feeling the same way...with my job hunt. I've just been so down, but deep down know that however things work out is how they were supposed to. It's just hard to believe sometimes. I'm sending positive vibes your way! :)