Not My Week? Not Really.

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This week is definitely not the best of all. Not the worst either but in my mind it's just not as fun as I would like. However, as negative as my thinking is right now, Ron always reminds me about the blessings we've been receiving. Ron and I heard so many great things this week that I should not even be complaining.
From review opportunities here on my blog to fun times with my family even if we're over 10K miles away from each other, this week has been good.

We slept late two nights this week because while my nephew and niece are stuck in their house because of the storm in the Philippines, in our timezone, it's after dinnertime and we had time to Facetime and play Call of Duty. It was supposed to be just Ron and my nephew but my sister convinced me that we should play with them too. I sucked. LOL

Next up is the traffic in LA. A bus overturned Thursday morning around 10am and the freeway was blocked for hours and hours. I asked my supervisor if it's okay that I leave at 4pm if the traffic still haven't subsided and she let me. I worked from home after that but I didn't mind. I am blessed with understanding coworkers. That's something I should be thankful for. The following morning, this happened and I was supposed to be at work at 8am...

Oh, and I saw this in the our junk mail and it made me really happy. I will also finally teach myself how to debone chicken breasts. I heard it's easy to do. See you soon chicken boobies! :) #IJustTalkedToAChickenPart

Wishing everyone a well weekend!


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