What Do You Think of Dogs in Costumes?

We have become those pet parents. Last week, I saw that the Yoda costume was on sale at Wal-Mart.com and I could not just pass on it so I ordered it. No, the costume is not for me. It's for Fox. Ron was supportive of the idea so that convinced me to just go buy it.

Fortunately, Fox is really good with wearing things. He's never given me any problems when I put clothes on him or have him try something on to see if it fits. I guess his size helps with that too because honestly, I can't imagine trying something on a Great Dane.

So introducing, Mr. Fox as Yoda!

And then I realized that it had a hood. Sorry Fox, mommy doesn't not love you but you're really a delight to play with! This is probably one of the best parts about having a small dog :)
Don't worry, he got lots and lots of loving after our little photoshoot and he did not associate the bed with bad memories as you can see in this picture I took two mornings after...


  1. HAHAHAHA omg with the hood on! I wish my kitties were ok with wearing clothes. They just claw them off!

  2. LOL I'm not going to lie, I love dog costumes. They're the best!! As long as the dog doesn't mind and he doesn't seem to at all!