On Our Way to Our Camping Site + New Obsession

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It's Saturday and this is a scheduled post. We should be on our way to the campsite now and are excited anxious excited anxious excited and anxious about what's going to happen next. We have no idea what the parking situation is or if there will be a space for our tent. We also have no idea where we're going. I wish we've done this before but we haven't.

Fox is at my mom's since last night and I asked her to send me pictures and videos of the pooch so I don't miss him too much. Seriously, weekends to me are for spending time with Ron and Fox but I feel like I'm still lucky that we have my mom to take care of the little barker and my mom doesn't mind puppy kisses! So thankful for my wonderful family!

So about my new obsession, I'm so into Scandal right now. I watched the first episode when it started and I didn't really like it. I now do not understand myself at all why I didn't like it. Maybe I was exhausted from all the drama from Grey's Anatomy? Probably. Nonetheless, Shonda Rhimes is BRILLIANT.
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For some reason, I am also a little attracted to President Grant. I do not know why, but every time he is in a scene with Olivia Pope, I get so so excited. Their "one minute-ers" are so...romantic.
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Don't even get me started on Olivia Pope's outifts. Okay, let me get started but just a teeny tiny bit!
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Oh and this dress she wore in the third episode in the first season.
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If you haven't given the show a chance, let it! It's pretty awesome and I haven't found an episode where my mind was not blown.

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