Shopping: Camping Stuff

Ron and I are camping this coming weekend with our friends. We both have no idea what we're getting into and the most camping related experience I have is pitching a tent. Period. Ron however is starting from zero knowledge.
So on Sunday, we went shopping for stuff we need. We already got a tent for $40, $60 someplace else so we have that out of the way already. My mom used to camp so she was very helpful in telling us what we SHOULD buy for our first trip. A tent (check!), sleeping bags, an airbed and a lamp.

I remember looking through our junkmail and seeing the Big 5 circular had camping stuff in it so after dropping Fox off at the Day Care, we headed to the store.

We looked at sleeping bags. We didn't really want to get one for each of us so we decided to only get one and just bring an extra blanket to lay on top of the airbed. We got this Coleman sleeping bag that had a tag saying it's only $22...which was a store mistake because that sale price was for only until Saturday.

Almost all airbeds were on sale but we picked the Coleman brand which was on sale for $40 from its $60 orginial price. It came with a battery powered pump and it's the type that you can just roll then wrap. We tried it at home and even Fox loved it!

When we were about to pay, I checked Retail Me Not and found that Big5 has a $5 off $25+ purchase so Ron and I decided to get another product so we can make two $25+ transactions. We got an inflatable pillow that was on sale for $4! Score!

Long story short, we only paid $55 for what should have been $100. Don't you just love when that happens?! Ron and I were happy campers walking out the store.
Tent. Sleeping Bag. Airbed. Lamp.
Is there anything else you think we should have with us when we go camping?

In case you were wondering, we're going to the San Onofre State Beach Campgrounds. Yelpers don't love the place but hopefully, our company and food will outweigh the cons. I also just found out that dogs are allowed but knowing our little barky dog, I don't think he'll have fun there. Wish us luck!!!


  1. Have a great weekend!:)


  2. Oh goodness, I'm a camping pro by now. Haha. Make sure to bring flashlights, the lamp will come in handy but a flashlight is better for the bathrooms and such. Especially because you both need your own light source. Also, bring bug spray or those citronella candles. Those things work so well! Don't forget to bring sunscreen, a good book and a bottle of screw top wine (so you don't have to fiddle with a cork). ;) Have fun!

  3. Oh, have fun! I don't think I have a lot of camping tips. Bring layered warm clothes, because it can get chilly sleeping in a tent at night even if it was warm during the day. Have lots of water and snacks on hand. And bring bug spray!!

  4. something to start your fire with?
    stuff for s'mores? coat hangers? :)

  5. Exciting! I was just telling my husband that we need to camp when David is older. My sister-in-law is camping this weekend and she is going through the same thing you are, gathering/packing etc. Don't forget: bug spray, flashlights, extra batteries, wipes, hand sanitizer, extra toilet paper/paper towels, trash bags, grocery bags (plastic), a tarp (in case it rains, you can lay it over the tent for extra protection), matches, ziplock bags...I could go on for days haha Oh above all: lots of FOOD :) Have a blast!

  6. oh, i love camping! my boyfriend is the one that is semi-only okay with it! haha. bring a good read!

    lindsey louise