Bad to the Bone: Mr. Barker

So you guys all know Bill Nye the Science Guy? He probably taught you a lot of things when you were a kid that you have already forgotten. LOL For the younger ones, he had a show that taught kids about science or better yet, click here.
So our office company has been talking to Bill Nye and we actually got to meet the guy last winter and again, this summer. Well, I took Fox with me that day Bill Nye was coming in because I forgot he was going to stop by. You see, Fox is a very barky dog and for some reason, he doesn't like thin, tall men. He always barks at the guys we see in our walks that fit the description. I guess it's a "trigger" for him because he used to be owned by an old man who cannot take care of him anymore - and that's the reason why Fox was rescued.

So back to my story, when Bill Nye walked up to the main floor of the office, Fox full on barked at the guy. Like, non-stop-barking-like-it's-the-end-of-the-world. It was embarrassing to say the least. Like, holy-shit-thank-God-I-already-have-a-picture-with-this-guy-so-I'll-run-upstairs-and-hide-my-dog kind of embarrassing.

I had to peek down the stairs to check if he already left so Fox and I can get back to our business like how Fox did in this picture...

So that's his most recent bad to the bone moment that made him deserve the hat of shame. He's coming to work with me today and hopefully, he does not do anything shitty today that would top this incident.

After that incident though, he's been a complete cutie pie because we have not seen any older skinny guys. Haha! Now if you have a naughty pet, it's time for you to join the fun on Miki's blog!


  1. Haha, that's hilarious! And how awesome that you met Bill Nye the Science Guy--damn, I feel old now, but that was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid. :D

  2. How cute is it that fox can come to work with you? I would be so embarrassed if that happened, the things we do for our dogs is out of control! hahahaha... oh fox.

  3. LOL too funny! Awesome story, even if Fox was a naughty puppy !

  4. Love Billy Nye!! The theme song is currently running in my head and will probably get stuck!