Our Ray of Sunshine

Today's star is our ray of sunshine, Foxyboy! Since I've been semi-blaming the little pooch for being too cute and making me feel obliged to take pictures of him, here's a photo dump of his cuteness. These pictures are guaranteed to make your day happier but if they don't, I guess it's time to soak your heart in fabric softener. Just kidding! Or maybe not ;)

Fox: I don't smile a lot but when do, I do it too much that I look weird.

Fox: I like going with my mom to her office because I get loads of treats there. I also get a lot of hugs and belly rubs. Oh and there is always someone who will play with me.

Fox: I don't even want to leave her office sometimes. 

Fox: On our way home, I sleep and sometimes cry because she won't let me sit on her lap anymore. :'(

Fox: And while my mom watches movies and shows on Netflix, I sit by the TV so I can watch her and the people who walk by our house...so I can bark at them.

Fox: I also LOVE sitting and sleeping on fresh laundry.

Fox: My mom might have already shared this with you, but I am in love with ice cream! Just say those two words and I will for sure follow her to the kitchen.