It's Not Only the First Day of Fall...

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It's also one of my most favorite people's birthday. You know, that kind of person that you have no idea how you behaved when you met... aka my (older) sister. ;)

Some few decades ago today a little crier was born. LOL I've spent most of my life with her and have learned so much from her. Stuff like...
  • There is no battle between Harry Potter fans and Lord of the Rings fans. She's both. I am an LOTR fan.
  • You cannot have too many books. We are both guilty of going crazy at the now closed $1 bookstore at Burbank.
  • Be practical. You do not need expensive stuff.
  • You do not need extravagant things to be happy. Spending time with your favorite people should make you happy.
  • You need a pair of Chuck Taylors in your life. We swear.
  • Learn to appreciate the littlest things. Like that little fun size candy bar added in your lunch bag.
  • Always ask the waiter/waitress if the portions of the entrees are shareable. Because in America, almost everything IS shareable.
  • Not because someone doesn't cook, she doesn't know how. She used to not cook and now she does! She makes bad ass pasta with clams...I think that's what it's called.
  • Accepting people for who and what they are. #IProudlySupportMarriageEquality
  • Not judging too soon.
  • It is never too late to work on your dreams. She's so hardworking and look up to her for that!
  • Videos taken from your past can and will hunt you back. Like you know, a video of you dancing when you were four years old.

To ate Jef, I'm so proud of the your accomplishments and I really look up to your will to reach your dreams. Thank you for being willing to help me and Ron in the things we get ourselves into. I can't wait until you're done with school and you're out there doing what you've been wanting to do.We're right here behind you to support you. Thanks for being a good aunt to Foxy and well of course, Joshua and Reese. I love you so so so much! 

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