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Since Ron and I got married we've kind of been in our own bubble. Sort of like all we want to do is go home and be in our turf and feel at home. It has "gotten worse" when we got Fox because we hate leaving him at home, alone.

Yesterday, when Fox was not feeling well, my best friend, JM offered to come with me to the vet. Thirty minutes before the appointment, Fox started acting normal so I cancelled the appointment and stayed at home. Needless to say, Fox had loads of fun with his Uncle JM!

JM and I spent the afternoon chatting, talking about how our friends are. Some are moving in together, some are engaged, a few of us are already married. He's We're getting older and everyone seems to be moving on now. Well, we've all been moving on with our lives but you know what I'm talking about. 

We also talked about how we used to be. How we were all broke but managed to do something every night of the week. We never spent over $10 per night then but we had a ton of fun. From driving his brother's really old van to our drives to downtown Los Angeles to park the said vehicle atop a hill and just admire the view. We called the place "OL," which standa for over looking. I know, really cheesy. Hahahaha!

Fourth of July weekend, 2011. Exactly three years after we first met.
It was truly great to look back at what fun we've both gone through but I am more than thrilled to see what life has in store for us! :D

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