So Long, Summer

It still gets warm here in Los Angeles in the middle of the day but generally speaking, the weather is starting to cool down. The picture up there was taken on yesterday morning, the day after as I'd like to hope, the last disgusting day this summer.

As the weather cools down, I myself am getting my plan down for what I'm doing next after this unemployment thing. School? Study? Start my business? Going back to work is definitely in my plan though. Fall is not only a new season for me this year but also a new chapter in my life so here's to bright and more blessed days!

Oh and today, Ron and I are have been officially together for 45 months! :)


  1. I'm sad to say goodbye to summer too but I'm looking forward to all the things that come with fall! P.s. You and your boyfriend look so cute together. Congrats on your 45 months together :)


  2. So sad summer is over too! But congrats on you and your boyfriend's anniversary/monthiversary (however you want to call it!) :P