Columbus Day Shopping

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Got a portion of the vacation money I was owed by a company just in time for Columbus Day sale events! Our shopping adventure started on Friday. We brought Fox with us to Old Town Pasadena where he is allowed inside the stores. He also was a darling that day, being nice and showing off his wiggly and waggy butt and tail to everyone who wants to pet him.
Ron - shirt and pants: H&M, shoes: Converse.
Mine - cardigan: Ron's closet Forever21, shirt: Cotton On, shoes: Nike, bag: Roxy

Urban Outfitters is always a hit to usI during this time of the year because they take an additional 50% off their sale items. Forever 21 and H&M had the same deal but UO had the BIGGEST selection, it's insane. I planned on showing the stuff we got here today but I already dropped everything in the hamper so I'll do that after I wash it.

Oh and of course, a good sale weekend wouldn't be complete for us if we didn't visit an outlet so we went to Ontario Mills where we put Fox in one of the bags I got from UO so we can carry him inside the mall ;)
Photobomb Level: FAMILY AFFAIR

Please know that we're not yet done, I'm still itching to go to Old Town Pasadena to "just window shop" with the dog and husband today. LOL! Happy Columbus Day! I think? :)

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  1. aaaah you were in my HOOD. I know you can bring a dog to OMills but chimmy can't stand being in a bag. boo. hahaha... maybe i should just invest in a dog stroller. hahaha jk.