We Love You, San Diego Part 1

I haven't posted much on Instagram but Ron and I have been dumping photos in our SD! photo album. Yes, it's a shared album, how unpredictable of us, right? ;) I don't really want to dump all of the blogworthy pictures and steal all of your bandwidth, I'll post in two parts.

After dropping Fox off at the pet hotel, we drove straight to the USS Midway. The nerd in me was extra thrilled while exploring the huge ship. It's amazing what the Navy guys endure. Much respect to them. We had to skip some parts of the tour because we parked at the wrong lot and getting a ticket was not really part of our budget. We cut the tour short, got in the car and drove to our hotel. 

The place we're staying in is a couple of blocks away from Old Town SD. Ron and I were thrilled because it's Taco Tuesday and we do NOT have to drive!

We had three rounds of drinks, one round at each of the places we went to. Round one is my favorite. I will definitely come back to Fred's. Before we had Round 2 and 3, and while we're getting our buzz down, we explored their old town. It's so pretty and charming place. Too bad we didn't make it in time to go in the free museums but we're good, at least we know where to go next time. :) Oh and check out the picture with text below, it's pretty creepy!

The rest of the night was all about drinking and meeting up with one of our friends here in SD. Oh and I also had a couple of chocolate tortillas. They were amazing and I think Ron's mind is already programmed to take me to Cafe Coyote so I can get my chocolate tortilla fix!


  1. uhm chocolate tortillas?!?! i need to try this. hahaha... haven't been to SD in awhile. Must go!