Just Like the Good Old Days

Ron woke up today wanting to do something. I was up for anything. After brunch, we looked for the closest swap meet and found one 9 miles away from house. The place was not any good, everything was dirty, nothing was interesting to us and it was really hot so we decided to leave after we've walked around the entire place so we don't have to come back ever. Haha! We also saw this "BAD GIRL" (see butt)...

Next up was Ikea. Got a few things because admit it, has there ever been a time you didn't buy anything from Ikea? It's like a Target of stuff for your house. ;)
I was asked if I wanted to go anywhere and because it's been a while since we've had a trip to the mall, I suggested Westfield and found some really good deals at Forever 21 and Old Navy. Here's one of them!
I didn't know I was missing days like this until now. Our dates used to be trips to the mall, checking out new places but weekends have been so busy that we have not done that in a while.

This coming week will be busy because Ron is home all week. Yay for him taking a break! I can't wait until we go to our mini vacay! :)


  1. mini vacay?!?!?! where you going :)))

  2. We've been LIVING at IKEA lately.. lol it's a fun store but I'm ready to be done with home decor and improvement!