Bag Crush...or Whatever

We've hit November and during this time, I start "contemplating" on what I want for Christmas. A new purse is ALWAYS a part of my wishlist so while taking a break from looking for jobs online, I searched for satchels on I kept on clicking the ones I like and noticed that I was clicking on a lot of items from MARC by MARC JACOBS collection. I chose my favorites, clipped them to my Polyvore items and put this set together. I love staring at it, and honestly, if I were to choose, I would pick the bottom left.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Satchel

But then I found leather bags from Topshop and another set was born. They're very minimalist (I think?) but they are not too plain. The leather they used makes up for the lack of  (for lack of a better term) "major" details. The bottom middle and the bottom ones are my super favorites.
Topshop Satchels

I also made a set for my other finds. I'll be honest though, two of the brands below are super new to me - Liebeskind (I need help pronouncing it, so help please?) and Elliot Lucca. I know I say I love fashion but I'm not THAT into it to know all of the brands in the world.
Satchel Galore

In case you think I'm too into Christmas already and Thanksgiving hasn't even passed yet - I didn't grow up celebrating Thanksgiving because I did not grow up here in the US. Oh and Christmas really is a huge thing for me and Ron. It's our most favorite holiday and it's right after our anniversaries (BF/GF and wedding). Wait, did I really have to explain myself? LOL

Alright, gotta go and set up our Christmas tree. Yes, I just said Christmas tree. Then we'll take pictures and send holiday cards. :)

Happy weekend!