We Watched the Ellen Degeneres Show!

On Monday, my sister, her girlfriend and I went to the Ellen Degeneres Show's filiming at the Warner Brother's lot. Unfortunately, Ron wasn't able to join us because he learned at the last minute that the day off request that he submitted a month ago was not approved. I know, I was sad for him too. I was bummed because he got us the tickets and he's the one who couldn't go. :( Despite that, he had the ticks reserved under my name so we can still be there. I hate that he missed out on being on TV...in some way...

So back to my story, we met up at Burbank so we only have to bring one ar to Warner Brothers. I left my car in front of one of my friends' house where I know it'll be safe. At around 7:30am, we were already in line for the Standby Tickets. Having Standby Tickets meant we are going to be some sort of seat fillers. They're usually given to people who come from LA since we don't really have to travel a huge distance. Also, it means that it is not sure whether or not we'll be getting tickets. By 8am, one of the girls who work for Ellen was there to give us our numbers: 251, 252, 253. Uhm, kind of scary because well, I don't think the show accommodates over 250 people but having the first number of the Standby ticket numbers settled my nerves. Plus, I am in the company of two of my bestest friends (yep, I steal my sisters' girlfriend/boyfriend and turn them into my best friends). Then all these happened...Be warned, none of these actually has anything to do with the show. LOL

8:30am - 9:00am: Waited for Barnes and Noble to open.
9:01am - 9:30am: While at Barnes, we waited for Ikea to open so we can eat some yummy breakfast from the land of horse meatballs.
9:31am - 12:00noon: Holy shit balls, we ate and walked around Ikea. Towards the end of our adventure, we were exhausted from testing the couches and chairs, playing with the kitchen timers, sniffing the candles, and touching the soft bath mats. So we decided to eat lunch. Pizza and hotdogs.
12:01 - 1:20pm: We ate and chatted like high school girls. We also raved about the deal we got from the as-is section and shared how we all wanted to own a truck so we can get the drawer that wouldn't fit in my sister's car.
1:21pm: We left to go to the show. Till next time, Ikea.

The wait at the parking structure wasn't too bad. They had TVs set up that played the Ellen show for that day so we were definitely entertained. Then towards the end of the show, they said that Rachel McAdams would be in the show for the next day - the day we're going to. I was in denial that our luck just got better. The process of calling people in was super smooth. I don't think there were any hiccups at all. And then we got in. I was more than thrilled that I'm finally going to see Ellen live. A part of me was sad though because Ron wasn't with us. I was still bummed about it so I promised to get him a pair of Ellen underwear to make him feel a little better. ;)

Then we danced. A LOT. So much that my sister and I looked at each other and agreed that the Yelp reviews saying it was like going to a club was right. Would I do it again? DEFINITELY. Did I mention that we all got a $100 gift card to Chipotle and Ellen's dance music CD? I feel like we got REALLY lucky and it almost offset Ron's absence. You see how much I hate that Ron's not with us? Gah. Sorry, that's one thing I have a hard time shaking off my system.

So if you have not been there yet, go try to get tickets NOW! :)

Oh and hey guys, did you know that November starts today? It amazes me how fast time if flying by.


  1. Aw, sounds like such a fun day!! And I LOVE the Ellen show... how fab that you gals got to go!!

    By The Shore, a life + style blog

  2. niceeeeeee. you got lucky. i only got Bruno Mars cd but that was bomb because we got to see him live and he sang the song twice (he had to rerecord the song). woo woo. Let's sign up again together :)

  3. I SAW THAT EPISODE! I don't always get to watch because of work. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Ellen and it's one of my fall wishes to meet her. It's pretty much a life goal. I was so bummed when Rima went to see her in April it was the day before I flew into town. Bad timing. I need to get back on my game of tweeting her every day to accomplish my goal.