My Toms Warehouse Sale Experience

It was around an hour drive each way but after reading about how great the discount is going to be, I convinced myself that going alone will be worth it.

So when I got there, this is what I saw...

My cousins and friends kept me busy thoughout the wait. I also spoke with the ladies behind me in the line. But after two hours of standing in line, we got in!

My phone almost died because of texting with everyone but my sister-in-law gave me a powerbank so I was able to charge my phone while I was there. Thanks again sister!

After an hour of walking around and checking off the list of my friends' requests, I went to the register and took this picture while waiting for my turn. 
The place was HUGE and yes, there was a half person there ;)

So yeah...



  1. holy shit indeed! You got loads of TOMS! Totally worth the wait!

  2. I have to good was the discount? I've been wanting a red pair for a couple years now. Maybe next summer I'll finally break down and buy them.

  3. wow! i guess the long line was really worth it!

  4. Wow you got loads! Guess it was worth the wait!

  5. Whoa! That's a long wait! But you got a nice haul :)

  6. Wait a minute... you guys have Toms Warehouse sales?! I don't care how long I gotta wait, I would've been down there too! I have blue Toms but they're slowly dying

  7. aww i want to go there too!! :(

  8. I am so confused - what is a Toms Warehouse Sale? Is that a real thing.. I would have put in my requests with you too!