We've Had More Productive Days

I promise, we do.
Fox seems to love the weather so much that he prefers to stay in bed for the most part of the day. He has not bugged me to play as much as he does. He's been hogging our new blanket in the living room and would always ask me to lift the comforter so he can squeeze himself in.

Today, I went to three stores including Costco which is a place I used to hate but now love. When I got home and unloaded half the groceries, I picked up Fox and took him to PetSmart with me to get him a new sack of dog food. On our way back home, he slept on my arm. That is how lazy he's become. Here he is in the cart, already starting to look sleepy.

Oh, and here's a pictureI sent Ron on Wednesday when Fox kept on hogging the blanket and to win it all, he slept on my lap!