Happy People Get Heartbroken Too

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I wrote this post last night and passed out even before I can post it but here goes...

Worked out today and feel really good about myself. It's one those days when I need something to be happy about. I was in a gloomy mood all day and have been thinking about the news I heard from my uncle. A family friend suffered a cardiac arrest and the doctor gave him only some number of hours. He is a very good man and I'm so sorry that his family is going through this. The man is also my father's best friend and I could not imagine how that is like.

And that was just the cherry on top... a couple of weeks ago, my friend went to our old office to pick up something and learned two things she HAD TO tell me about. One, the office dog passed away due to old age and two, another offoce dog passed away, unfortunately, tragically.

I learned of both news on our way to San Diego. I would be quiet sometimes when I get lost in my thoughts about the hows, whens and whys. I texted my friend to let her know I'm sorry and of course, Fox who we just dropped off at the pet hotel occupied my mind. My heart fell into my tummy and could not even imagine how I would react if he passed away. That would break my heart in a way it has never been broken. 

A week passed, I checked my Facebook and the first news was about the passing of a friend I met in college. We belong to the same organization and she was years ahead of me but I met her, I've had conversations with her, we used to go to her house when I was in college for parties, I liked her posts, her family is her life - she is so supportive and proud of them, her eldest child had just graduated college and then someone posts on our group to tell us that she's dead? No, no, no, no. I was in disbelief. It's too sudden. This is not fair, she's one of the nicest people in the world, her beautiful children and her husband need her. I was heartbroken for them.

News like these are the ones that tamper my mood. I'm all better today though, a little sad but better. I really need to feel better because I have been frequenting online stores that I shouldn't really be looking at because I do not have a job yet.


  1. Aw no Jan, this is such saddening news. I am so sorry to hear of it. Its very difficult losing people or pets close to you, and only time and support from friends and family can help you to get through it. It goes to show how precious time is and we must appreciate everything and everyone we have around us all the time. Sending you a Big hug sweety.

  2. That is so sad. I feel like sometimes when I get bad news it comes in clumps which makes it all a lot more tragic and hard to handle. I am so sorry for all the sadness you've been dealing with and hope that you can remember the good of all those pets and people!

  3. Awwww. Jan. On to brighter days. Cheer up. Things will be better. Miss talking to you! :)