Christmas Day

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Considering the timing of this post, yesterday was a special day to a lot of people around the world. It's the day our Savior was born and because of that, we have a reason to celebrate.

This season is also all about family. This year is my first Christmas without any of my siblings. Ever. Luckily, I now have in-laws who I can have really loud conversations with  LOL The set up of both Ron's and my family this Christmas is very different. Ron's dad is in New Jersey while his mom, sister and nephew are flying home to Manila on Christmas day. On my side, my sister and her girlfriend flew to the Philippines to spend Christmas with family there. Despite that though, I feel very fortunate to have loved ones to spend Christmas eve and day with. I am nothing but thankful for everything this year. Honestly, unemployment sucks but knowing that we got through the holidays more than "just fine" is a huge blessing already. The cherry on top is that our loved ones are into the fact that it's the season for giving, because of that, we are even more than blessed than we were; knowing that we have them and of course, we got awesome presents.
My mom, Ron and I spent Christmas eve with Ron's family in San Bernardino and started our drive home at around 11pm. We spent the first hours of Christmas day doing the traditional gift giving. We don't do stockings so the stocking stuffers were wrapped as little presents with the other "bigger" gifts. This gift exchange took up an hour or two. We all have a very bad shopping problem during the holidays. Hahaha! It's always like, one present is not enough to show how much we love each other. I know, we are victims of consumerism, and as a result...

Before I let you go wander off in the other parts of the interwebs, please know that I truly hope you had a wonderful Christmas and may the spirit of giving and being thankful stick with you until the next holiday season.

Ron's sister haven't posted pictures from our Christmas eve dinner yet so I have nothing to share...yet. :)

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  1. Those pictures are very beautiful, love them! :) Merry Christmas to you!!