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It's that time when we start to be thankful for anything and everything that we received in the year that is about to end, and with that said...

In 2013, I became a lot closer to two ladies. One of them, I met through Ron, and the other, at work. I've known them both for at least four years and because I'm a shy introvert, it took a little time for me to warm up. Oh look at me own up to my fault. LOL I am highlighting these two ladies today because as you could expect from wonderful people like them, they sent me very thoughtful and sweet presents for the holidays.

First is N. She's the one I met through Ron. We used to watch our guys play basketball together until we moved farther from where they play and Ron had to stop playing because of the distance. It feels like this distance thing did something special to our friendship...it actually brought us closer. She's like a big sister to me and we can relate to each other in so many ways. In one of our loooong text conversations, she asked me if I already opened their present to our little family. I was trying really hard not to open any of my presents at that time but because she asked me, I gave in. When I opened it, it was this decorative frame that said: LIVE. LOVE. BARK. I've been eyeing on this one thing ever since we got Fox and it could not have been even more perfect! She said she thought it was perfect for us and that she got a yes right away from her husband to go buy it for us for Christmas. <3

Next is I. I met her at my previous job where we both worked for around six years. I never really got to hang out with her because she's always so quiet and reserved and she did not seem approachable. LOL I also was with a different clique at work so our paths did not cross that much inside and outside of work. Until that one day that she and I got invited to take a walk break. We hit it up right away and discovered that we had so many things in common. From having typical Gemini personalities to being obsessed with bargain shopping. That obsession by the way also played a part in us becoming closer because we'd take walks to Walgreens together after any holiday to buy holiday stuff that are on sale. The other day, when Ron checked the mail, he found an envelope from I. Inside the envelope was a greeting card and a Walgreens gift card. She said she wanted to keep our tradition alive and I should go to a Walgreens to buy stuff that are on sale. It is indeed another thoughtful and sweet present from another  lady I got close with this year.

I am not one to have a lot of girl friends ever since I got out of high school. A lot of my friends (post-high school) are guys and it's by choice...I try to avoid the drama. Don't shake your head because IT IS TRUE. LOL Contrary to what I just said though, these girls seem like they drank a lot of drama-free juice and are continuously changing my mind about trusting other girls. LOL On a more serious note, I am truly thankful for them and for everything that they taught and teach me. For all the stories and all the inside jokes. If N and/or I is/are reading this, well, please know that I love you and I'm grateful to have you as friends. #IJustMadeItAwkward

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  1. I hope you had a great Christmas and yay for the after Christmas sales! xx