A Christmas Surprise

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In 2008, I met Y through her best friend (who is now my husband). It was that time after I moved here where I was starting to need a girl friend who I can meet up with and she was I guess the person God sent. We have been through a lot of things together, there was a time when our interests, priorities and even the people we hang out with changed but that did not stop us from making our friendship a lot stronger.

She is currently studying abroad but last week, we got a huge surprise from her--she flew to LA for Christmas!!! She stayed at our house Sunday night and that night was spent shopping, chatting and drinking pink moscato until 4:30am. It was nostalgic, fun and every time we talk about something again, I realize new things.

I don't know if she knows but she is one of the people I'm thankful for. The random calls I get from her because I never call due to the fear of waking her up from sleep that was a result of exhaustion from her 16-hour internship. I know, it's intense! I cannot wait until she is back in LA for good so I can bug her, text her, and call her anytime. Love you, Y! :)


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