Little Ray of Sunshine

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Being unemployed is not easy in the mind and in the pocket but I'd like to focus in the "in the mind" part. I feel so tremendously blessed that we were able to adopt our little dog before I was let go from my previous job. Fox has been a true testament of how pets can relieve stress and make tough situations easier.

He always does something that prevents me from cracking. Whether it's catching him trying to peek at the treat that was left on the table that he could not reach (sort of like a so near yet so far moment for him), or him snoring or jerking from his dreams while I'm looking for a job.

I guess I just wanted to profess to the world how much I am in love with this dog. He's our little baby that wakes me up by sitting with his back pushed against my face or just straight up laying on my chest and breathing on my face. He's my little barker who tells me when Ron is home from work. He is my sidekick who runs to the dryer or the oven with me when it beeps. He's the creature that sleeps between our legs, under the sheets during cold nights. I have so much to say about Fox's seven months with us but I feel like words won't be able to live up to how he brightens our gloomiest days. Adopting him was a huge blessing to us and even our families who love Fox as much if not more than we do.

All of his pictures are with Ron. I don't know why but when he's with me, it's all about eating, sleeping and playing with actual toys. LOL


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