Today, I'd like to share how thankful I am for my family. I will never be this understanding and accepting if not for them. They taught me how to make the best out of the worst. There was a time when my mom kept saying, "Better than nothing." It annoyed me because she said it too many times but now that we have our own little family, I get what it really means.

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We did not grow up in a worldly fashion. We lived a simple life, with some luxury peppered in, thanks to our extremely generous relatives, and because of that, we are the easiest people to cheer up although I am possibly the grumpiest of us all. Ha!

It feels good to know that I have three other women who have my back on everything I do. Wait, there was a time when we had to turn out back on our mom because...we were teens. You know, that time in your life when you tell your mom that the "dirt" in your sister's uniform's pocket is just dirt from something but definitely not cigarettes. LOL Or that you do not know anything about what's going on your sister's life. Hahaha! Anyway, other than that time, I know that we now have each others' backs. ;) Love you mom!

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Now that we (technically) have siblings-in-law, a niece, and a nephew, the mental and emotional support I pull out of them is comforting. Even though my sister and her family are thousand of miles away, to know that she's there for me gives me a warm blankety feeling. Having my other sister a drive away is very convenient especially when I miss bothering someone (aka my sister and her girlfriend). And last but not the least, to have my mom now a FaceTime call away, is the best! We bother each other at least once everyday. There is always a new story to tell and we also share a lot of inside jokes. (Mom, I know you're reading this, where's the watch? Hahaha!)

I am so grateful to have a good relationship with everyone in our family, and that they have accepted Ron with open arms in our own little world. :)

Thank you, mom, ate Ria, and ate Jef. I love you three so so so so so much! <3

No pictures of us because we have yet to reunite! The last time we were all together was 2006. We shall see each other soon though!


  1. such a lovely post! and I love the e-cards! :D

  2. Awwww this post made me tear up a little. At my age, family is so important. We have kids and it's nice to get their support.
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