Fall to Winter

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It's been quiet here on the blog but trust me when I tell ya, life has not been quiet. Although we're done holiday shopping, there is still some sort of holiday rush that we're feeling.

I've been trying to insert more exercise throughout our day, meaning Fox and I try to go for an extra midday walk especially when it's cold because the dog would rather sleep than do anything else. These walks made me love fall even more. We also found a new walk route that is a perfect setting for the season.

Then we headed out to Glendale.

While there, the water fountain dance along Christmas carols while little bubbles that looked like snow fell down to the ground. It was pretty. It was magical. And this is coming from a girl who has lived in snow-deprived places all her life. Everything there reminded me that winter is coming. We don't get tough winters here nor the country I came from so I'm for always dreaming of a white Christmas. Maybe soon, I'll act on this little dream.

I hope everyone's having a great holiday season already. But if not, I hope things get better soon. Sending you all lots of love. :)

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